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Tunglskin is an online business that aims to offer our customers the latest technology and innovative product range with excellent quality at prices that have not been seen in Iceland before.

This is possible in conjunction with the world-renowned brand Xiaomi or Mi as it is also called, which came on the market in 2010 after its founder wanted to prove that high quality electronics did not have to cost much to be good, "Offer higher quality lower prices". The company is the fourth largest in the world today in the sale of mobile phones and wins numerous prestigious awards each year for its products e.g. Including electric scooters, vacuum cleaners, smart watches, air purifiers etc.

All of the most popular and major devices, the Tongskin will take care of moving consumers at a reasonable price, in the spirit of Xiaomi. All of Mi's products have in common that the quality is much higher than is the case in the price range they are. Compared to other brands, Mi stands first in the category of price and quality relationship.

All Tunglskin´s products are selected based on quality and innovativeness, offering our customers products that do not exist in Iceland or offering products at a better price than prevailing in the market.
The owner of www.tunglskin.is is:
Padel Ísland ehf.
Skútuvogur 11
104 Reykjavik.
Phone number: 839-2216
E-mail: tunglskin@tunglskin.is
Id. 621018-0270
VAT number: 133768

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