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4.990 kr.

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Mi dashboard for M365 electric scooters.
installation: 1'490 kr.

Software version: v2.0

Key points of the M365 dashboard:

Main display: Battery charge status and battery pack. Total length of trips, length of trips A, B, C, distance remaining on battery, power meter, duration, self-control information, battery temperature.

Information on the scooter: Serial number, Firmware, BMS, BLE versions.

Battery information: Total and remaining battery, battery temperature, BMS production date and serial number, individual cell voltage and total battery pack, average cell voltage, difference between highest and lowest cell voltage.

Travel information: Distance and time, battery usage in%, maximum speed and average speed.

Settings: Turn on / off the rear LED and self-timer, reset settings selection, metric values, 8.5 ″ or 10 ″ wheels, custom maximum range and battery performance, customize on screen when driving - speed, range, power (in watts).

Update: Option to update the M365 Dash firmware if the new version is released.

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There is a 2-year warranty on all Tunglskins products.

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